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Eldad Dvir
Graphic Design
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Creating a website that reflects the essence of the business and presents it to the digital world in the best possible way

Designing and building Wix websites

4 steps on the way to a successful website

Today, to find a service or a professional, you only need to search on "Google".

Every business wants its potential customer to find it online and contact it.

As soon as you have a website, which contains all the business content and contact information, a high level of credibility is created in the eyes of the customers,

Customers recognize a business that can be trusted.

I believe that every small and large business should have a website, for the simple reason that the presentation of the services and the accessibility of the business details from any mobile device or computer allows for the recruitment and creation of communication with the customers on an ongoing basis.

The first and most important step is the characterization session. What is it about and why is it important to characterize your website? The main goal of this meeting is to accurately understand the client's needs and design the website to serve them optimally. During the meeting, important questions must be answered such as:

What is the main purpose of the site (is it intended to offer information, promote sales, etc.), who is it intended for (the target audience), what content will be used on the site, what the users are expected to do on the site, how they will feel while using it, and how the interface and programming can help create an experience Good for them.


a meeting


After the first phase of routing the foundations, we will proceed to the construction and design phases.

In the first step, I start by designing the home page, the most important on the site, which is used as login details. I send you a sketch in order to get feedback, and when you approve, I continue to design the rest of the website pages according to the predetermined characterization. After the design of the desktop display, I turn to the design of the mobile display, with special attention to the small details.

It is important to remember that website design is a dynamic process that occurs throughout the website's construction process, and continues even after its launch.



and design

After the design template is ready, I put the contents on the site - the texts, the images, the products and all the relevant content for you.

*I recommended - to find professionals in the field such as photographers, content writers, graphic designers and the like. These are going to go a long way and improve your site greatly in terms of visual and content.

After that, I perform quality control tests on the site, make final corrections, connect the site to a permanent domain and connect to Google's data collection tools.



and development

Now is the time to update everyone, post a festive status on social media and show off your beautiful website.

After the delivery of the site, I will provide you with professional guidance for managing the site - how to edit text, replace images and manage the content. The training is recorded and will always be available for questions and support.

And most importantly - I am always here, ready to support, help and assist with any question you may have. Successfully!



into the air

and guidance

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