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Eldad Dvir
Graphic Design
and building websites

Hi  I'm Eldad

Graphic designer and website builder

Here you can find an answer to:

Graphic Design

Building a graphic language

Site Characterization

Website design and development

Customization and marketing on social networks in the digital age.

Characterization meeting, where together we think about the desired look and feel of your website. After the meeting, you will receive from me a detailed characterization document containing all the important steps for building your future website.

Site characterization

Building a custom website using the Wix platform. The site is used as an accompanying tool, designed to present you and your business, and is designed to provide a tailored response to your customers. The process of building the website includes many stages, including a characterization meeting, customized design, connection to the domain and more.

Designing and building websites

Social designs such as posts, stories, GIFs.

Covers for Facebook, banners for campaigns in the various media, presentation design.

Print designs such as rollups, flyers and more.

graphic design 

What can we do together?

Comprehensive management and maintenance services for the site. 

include: management and regular updating of the site,

Problem solving, technical support, organic promotion (SEO), accessibility and more, according to the exact needs of you and your business.

Website maintenance and management

I am Eldad Dvir, 

Tamar and Shai's father, Bella's partner. 

Over the years I have been involved in digital marketing and at the same time studied design and UX, 

In recent years I have specialized and become a graphic designer and web designer and today I can say that I really like my job.

I believe that every business and project comes with a unique personality, so I focus on understanding the special needs and ideas of each client.

With a rich background in the field of design and website construction,

I adopt a professional and creative approach to bring your vision to reality.

Nice to meet you

Talk to me

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