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Accessibility statement

The accessibility of the website is intended to make it more available, friendly and convenient to use for people with special needs, arising among other things from various motor disabilities, cognitive impairments, myopia, blindness or color blindness, hearing impairments as well as elderly people.

Efforts have been made on this site so that it meets the requirements of the regulations on equal rights for people with disabilities (service accessibility adjustments) 2013, at the level of the required standard. 

Repairs and adjustments made:

* The site is optimized for common browsers.

* The site is optimized for mobile use.

* The site is optimized for display compatible with a variety of screens and resolutions.

* The means of navigation on the site are simple and clear.

* The contents of the site are written in a clear, orderly and hierarchical manner.

* The website content is written in simple and clear language.

* All pages on the site have a fixed structure.

* Images on the website have an alternative textual explanation (alt).

* The site allows changing the font size by using the Ctrl key and the + key on the keyboard

* The site does not use a moving or flashing text display.


It is important to note that despite the efforts to make all the pages on the site accessible, and despite the actions taken to improve the site's accessibility - it is possible that parts or capabilities may be discovered that are not properly accessed or have not yet been accessed.

If you have encountered a problem regarding accessibility on the website, I would appreciate it if you could write to me by email

So that I can handle the problem in the best way, it is highly recommended to attach complete details as possible:

* Problem Description

* What is the action you tried to perform

* Link to the page you browsed

* Browser type and version

* Operating System

* The type of assistive technology (if you used it)

We will do as much as we can in order to make the site accessible in the best possible way and answer inquiries in the most professional and fastest way.

The accessibility statement was updated on: 02.10.23

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