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Eldad Dvir
Graphic Design
and building websites
Website Chart

Every process has stable foundations, user experience in this case is important for continued quality work.

Characterization of Wix sites

The first and most important choice in building the site is the characterization phase.

At this stage, we focus on questions such as what are the goals we want to achieve, why is the website essential for your business, who is the target audience, how can we give users an optimal user experience, how to choose the design and advise on managing the website content in the most appropriate way.

The knowledge and accuracy at this stage are fundamental to the construction process and a creative and successful relationship between the parties.

This is where I fit in

This is the stage where with the help of a characterization meeting, where together we think about the desired look and feel of the site.

After the meeting, you will receive from me a detailed characterization document containing all the important steps for building your future website.

the small letters

The meetings will be held on Zoom

The cost of the meeting is NIS 400

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